For those who always follow the news in the online circle. would probably know an application called ” Twitter (Twitter) ” as well Especially among teenagers who are very popular with each other. Because it is a platform where various issues can be exchanged in society in real time.

especially about politics There is also a clear and diverse community (Community) divided, such as the community of fans of Korean singers, the community of fans of Japanese cartoons or anime (Anime), people who like to read novels, etc., that is to say It is a place where like-minded people come together to discuss and exchange ideas freely.

And most importantly, Twitter is a platform that allows us to get news very quickly. And can quickly spread out to other platforms. Because there is something called “Trendizing” is there, which many people who do not use Twitter may wonder if Twitter orTwitter is what How to play and why people use it? And that’s what everyone is about to know in this article!

What are the benefits of Twitter?


Twitter or Twitter is an online social network founded by Obvious Corp. in March 2006. It allows users to share their status (status) about what they are doing in a short message (up to 280 characters). from the past, no more than 140 characters) or retweet (Retweet) interesting news of others And there is also a function to send messages to each other.

Which are called “Tweets” that resemble the sound of birds singing. and private messages (Direct Message) just like any other general application

We will notice that nowadays Any news that is a popular issue usually comes from Twitter. The application has a hashtag function (Hashtag) or the square symbol (#) to be a channel to communicate about the issue. and when a lot of people are talking about the same topic, that hashtag will ” trend on Twitter ” which will later result in a widespread issue across all platforms.


When Twitter first launched, the application was described as The purpose is for users to answer “ What are you doing? ” or “ What are you doing ?”, where and how. Our followers will be able to see our tweets on the page. timeline at any time Just as we can see the tweets of the people we are following (Following).

Overseas, especially the United States, Twitter is used a lot and is a very popular trend. The culture of playing Twitter has been passed on to the new generation of teenagers in Thailand as well, which now Twitter is used in different ways according to the user’s personal preferences. Some people use it to answer questions and update their friends on what they’re up to and where they are right now. or communities of their own interest only Some people use it to exchange ideas with unknown people. But interested in the same issue, etc., which can be roughly divided according to usage as follows

  • Individuals use Twitter to allow their friends and acquaintances to follow each other Another chat platform and talk to build more relationships with others
  • expert or specialist Or simply called “guru”, these people often use Twitter as a space to educate themselves about their expertise. to build a reputation for oneself
  • Entrepreneurs often use Twitter as another channel to promote their products and services. Including using it as a tool to contact and build customer relationships (CRM) instead of using a call center (Call Center).
  • Celebrities, actors, singers, and influencers use Twitter for their fans to follow. and update their own news therein
  • The website uses Twitter to update stories on the website. to bring people back to the website (Traffic)


Of course, Twitter isn’t just about typing messages on the timeline. But there are many other features that we can use as follows.

  • Reply is a reply where we can freely reply to other people’s tweets.
  • Direct Message is the ability to send private messages to others without anyone else seeing them.
  • Favorite is to press the heart to keep our favorite tweets in the Favorite category.
  • Retweet is to retweet other people’s content that we are interested in to appear on our feed and those who follow us, similar to forwarding.
  • Communities are groups of people who share the same interests. It is a small community on the platform where interests are exchanged. Just click to join the community. We will be able to tweet messages in that group members can see where every community will have a moderator called a moderator (Moderator), which is a new feature that has just happened. But nowadays there are thousands of commu already
  • Twitter Blues is an early beta test of a special Twitter subscription system called “Twitter Blues” that gives people more access to features and perks like ad-free messages. popular message folder for bookmarks cancel tweet Twitter Blues is currently only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Spaces Twitter is a new feature aimed at bringing multiple users closer together through voice and conversation, with hosts and listeners joining the conversation. or express opinions to each other to create a better connection This feature also encourages open dialogue. and unlocking the reality in society as well
  • Tickets to Spaces Twitter are a way to support creators on Twitter and earn a share of revenue from listeners purchasing exclusive Spaces tickets. This can include events, workshops, fan meetings, or concerts as well. which is expected to expand the market to other countries in the future
  • Super Follows : In this section, Twitter allows creators to earn money per month by sending tweets only to people who have paid to subscribe to the feature. It allows account holders to create more interactive conversations with their engaged followers. via the “Super Follows” button, but is currently only available in the US.
  • Tips is a feature designed to allow users to support their favorite people on Twitter, payable via PayPal, Patreon, Razorpay.
  • Twitter ‘s safety mode reduces the visibility of messages that may contain offensive language to those who are not socially egalitarian. This includes blocking accounts that send duplicate spam messages, uninvited replies. or mentioning an unwanted mention
  • Followers can be selected. To control our account to only those we feel comfortable following. If you don’t want anyone to follow can go to the list of followers and press delete that account straight away


Advantages of Twitter

  • Get to know things quickly compared to other platforms, whether it’s news. or various movements in society
  • Updating various situations minute by minute, that is, whatever is the hot topic of society at that time, users will be able to know immediately through the trending function or hashtags at Trending what’s going on right now
  • Be able to share useful things, such as statements or details that we feel others should know.
  • Able to vent their frustrations because Twitter is a platform that is more freestyle in talking about oneself than other platforms because it has been there since its launch.
  • able to express their own opinion freely Even if it’s talking to someone we don’t know before.

Disadvantages of Twitter

  • Sometimes, news spreading too quickly can lead to a lack of credibility. Because retweeting alone can spread the news far without some people checking the details completely. How true is the content in it?
  • Too few tweets As a result, sometimes the details that the speaker wants to convey are not complete.
  • received news often without source Although it was a prominent issue in society at that time But if you say it’s a news that comes from Twitter, it may make some people feel that it’s a weightless rumor because anyone can say it.
  • Followers can be annoyed. In case of frequent retweeting or more than enough And it’s still the same story over and over again, nothing new.


So Twitter or Twitter is a social media platform that is quite niche. But it’s very popular. Because it gets news faster than other channels, especially among teenagers who want to make new friends who share the same interests over the internet. What’s more, Twitter is a platform that brands choose to use for their marketing. Because it is a channel that has a different audience and is more specific than conventional platforms.

However, one thing to be careful about when using Twitter is to carefully check the news you receive before publishing it. because the story spreads too fast It may cause fake news (Fake News) or misunderstanding. They may choose to follow the news only from the official accounts of trusted news agencies rather than the accounts of normal users. to get the most truthful information

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